It is an example of a complete product with a configuration suggested by COOBO. It consists of a frame with a specific selection of accessories. It represents just one of the infinite possible configurations, both in terms of structure and in terms of selection of accessories. A COOBO proposals product has the advantage of being able to be purchased as it is presented, without the need for any specification by the customer.

If you want to know about COOBO’s proposals, please ask us to send you the catalog.

A frame is the final result of the joining of several COOBO metal pieces that come together to build a monolithic block that ensures the structural component of the piece of furniture.

A COOBO frame consists of tubes, connecting pieces between tubes, fastening elements of the structure to the surrounding physical environment, leveling feet and a rotation wrench (facilitates the rotation of the male parts on the tubes).

Accessories are the functional and decorative complements added to the frame. There are different models, different dimensions, different materials and different finishes. You can choose from a number of accessories: the wooden cube, the metal vase or even the shelf. They can be purchased individually.

If you want to know about COOBO accessories, ask us to send the catalog.

There are different types of accessories: One-piece accessories (eg metal vase) and accessories that can be assembled or disassembled (eg wooden cube). The last ones are built through the manual joining of the different parts, which are linked together, through the fitting between male-female connections. The elements for locking the accessory to the frame are also part of the set.

Yes, as long as you are registered as a COOBO customer.

Yes. You can send us a representative drawing or diagram of the new frame you want to create, and we will assess whether or not you need new parts, and, if necessary, we will answer which and how many of them you will need to purchase.

Whatever the purpose of the design, it must always be sent to COOBO in PDF format.

You can find COOBO products online, on our website and/or social networks, or in person, in our showroom (subject to scheduling). Alternatively, you may request our catalog.

You must request our contact, and we will explain you the whole process in detail.

There are three different ways to deliver and/or transport your COOBO product. Choose the one that best suits your desire.

Option 1: You can personally collect your COOBO packages in our showroom. We require that you make a prior appointment to carry out this pick up. There is no associated delivery and/or transportation cost if you choose this option.

Option 2: You can hire an independent delivery service, who must collect your COOBO packages at our showroom. As well as in Option 1, we require that you make a prior appointment to carry out this pick up. There will also be no associated shipping costs if you choose this option.

Option 3: You can hire COOBO for both delivery and transportation and receive the packages comfortably at the desired location. The additional expenses associated with transport must be budgeted individually, as they are directly related to your order, i.e. the number of packages and the delivery address.

The assembly instructions for COOBO products are mostly in video format. To complement the information made available through the videos, each COOBO product is accompanied by specific information that must be read. Reading the document that accompanies the product should really be the first step in the assembly process. This document, in addition to containing information relevant to the technical execution of the process, also serves as a step-by-step guide for each assembly process.

Your COOBO is composed of FRAME and ACCESSORIES. We suggest that you always start the assembly from the frame.


STEP 1: You must perform the prior assembly of all CONNECTORS that make up your frame. Through the document that comes with the frame, you will be provided with clear information about which ‘CONNECTORS’ to use, what is the composition of each one and what are their exact locations in the frame. For each type of CONNECTOR there is a specific video that illustrates in detail each step to be followed to perform its assembly.

STEP 2: After all the CONNECTORS have been assembled, you must then proceed with the final assembly of the frame. The final assembly of the frame is carried out through the connection and locking of the CONNECTORS and PIPES. You should watch the generic FRAME assembly videos that will clearly show you which steps and requirements need to be followed throughout the assembly.

STEP 3: After the total assembly of the frame and verification that all locks are properly executed, the frame must be fixed to the surrounding physical environment. Fixing the frame to the wall or other steady surface is mandatory.



The accessories are assembled, one by one, and only then must be added to the frame.

Each accessory model has a dedicated video that illustrates in detail each step to be followed when assembling it. The document that comes with the product gives you detailed information about the accessories you’ve purchased and what is the corresponding assembly video.


You can access the assembly videos by reading the QR CODE available in the document that comes with the product or through our website at


You can access the assembly videos by reading the QR CODE available in the document that comes with the product or through our website at


After-sales assistance service is activated via email We guarantee that we will read and follow up on your request. Alternatively, you can reach out to COOBO through any of the contacts provided on our website.

Anyone, without exception. COOBO creators from our community can range from an anonymous person without any specific training or professional activity in the field of design, to specialized institutions and professionals. The decisive factor for joining the COOBO Community is to be the author of a good idea, which is completely original, and which is approved by COOBO as an integral part of your concept.

You should contact COOBO through the form available on our website at www.coobo/comunidade/

After that, COOBO will contact you, get to know you, and you will be provided with the Terms of Conditions that will regulate this possible collaboration.

If after reading the FAQs you still have a question that needs clarification, do not hesitate and send us your question(s) via and we will get back to you as soon as possible.